5 Creative Ways to Store Pet Food

Storage of pet food, if it is not done properly, can be a complete mess. The good news is that there are some creative ways to go about this. It takes some time and effort to find what the best food for our pet is and so it is a good idea to learn some creative ways to store this food while also keeping them fresh. Here are 5 creative ways to store pet food.

Plastic containers

This is a traditional method of storing pet food. Plastic containers are effective in storing pet foods because they help to keep the food fresh and well protected for a long time. A simple way to make plastic container look better is to simply cover them up. Plastic paints are a good option but they sometimes become streaky. This can make the container look the opposite of what you want them to be. Adhesive paper tends to work better in this case but the process involved in covering up odd-shaped containers with this can be some time complicated. You can get paw print stickers to do this for you. Paw prints look decorative and attractive enough and they also provide complete coverage.

Repurpose Your Trash Can

A metal or plastic trash bin can serve as an alternative to containers. This can be used to hide that large bag of pet food especially when you are struggling to find a place to store it. This method is the easiest to execute on this list of creative ways to store a pet food. Make sure the lid of the trash can is tight so that your pet won’t be able to open it quickly. If you have a pet that is of the habit of knocking things down, then you need to get a can with a locking system. This would allow for easy locking of the bin. It is important to note also that the pet food should be left on its original packaging; you should not empty out the food in the trash can. Place the large bag inside the trash can instead.

Use Old Furniture

Another thing that works great in storing your pet food is a piece of furniture; this could be an old or used furniture at a store or garage sale or it could just be a piece of furniture lying around your house. An old cabinet or small dresser will do. If this furniture is slightly damaged or too old you can carry out minor repair work. You could also paint it if you like; this helps to add a beautiful color to the piece of furniture. Once you are done working on the design of the dresser or cabinet the next thing is to find containers that can fit into the dresser with ease. You can place the pet food in these containers and then hide the containers inside the furniture.

Up Cycle Tins and Cans

If you have large cans and tins stacked somewhere in your home you can use them to store your pet food. You can either use metal or plastic containers and then decorate them by applying a coat of fresh paint or simply cover them up with a bright colored sticker. This can help to jazz up the appearance. Make sure the tins and cans you go for are large enough to fit the package of the dog food.

Keep the Food Bag Away

If you have a large sized wicker basket, you can hide the bag of pet food inside it. This basket is sturdy enough to hold a large bag very well. Putting the pet food package inside a basket can give them a good protection. This method helps to hide the food away from the pet while also keeping them fresh.